Inside name of Allah, Most of us praise Him, seek His help and ask for His forgiveness. Whomever Allah guides none can easily misguide, and whoever He / she allows to fall down the wrong path, none can guide these people aright. We bear witness that there are none worthy of praise but Allah Alone, and we bear see that Muhammad (saws) is His slave-servant along with the seal of His Messengers.
Ones Question: Please let myself know. Is there “Sifli Amal”.
The definition of ‘Sifli’ literally means something which is absolutely low or perhaps evil, and the term ‘Amal’ suggests a deed or an act…thus literally the meaning of the term ‘Sifli Amal’ will mean an evil or lower act.
Although the term ‘Sifli Amal’ can be itself self-invented and will not find any mention inside Islamic ‘Fiqh’ or Jurisprudence, in most parts of Sout-East Most of asia, this term ‘Sifli Amal’ is commonly associated with ‘magic’.
Ones Statement: Actually many persons in this particular filed and an Aalim (Naqshbandi) told that my spouse is suffering from “Sifli Amal”.
If you’ve a computer breakdown, wouldn’t it be intelligence or wisdom to take the broken computer on the chemist??? To take a broken computer into a chemist for repairs is unwise alone; but to top that will and apply the remedy suggested by the chemist to repair a broken computer will be utter ignorance and foolhardy to say the least!
If you’ve a physical ailment, it is only prudent any particular one try to treat their ailment through the advice and treatment of the person qualified in the field of medicine. Seeking the help of the ‘supposed’ religious priest or ‘moulvi’ to get a physical ailment makes the maximum amount of sense at taking a broken computer into a chemist!

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