Jaadu Tona or even Jadu Tona is the term for black magic in the Hindi language (spoken in northern India or even about 41% of India to be a whole).

Black magic is used by jealous, malicious persons who appreciate the misfortune associated with others, easily cast by simply anyone knowing a little Tantrik magic, Siddhi or even other low amount magic. The effects associated with Jaadu Tona and Jadu Tona or even other black magic is usually deep, farreaching, long-term, causing unnatural claims, poor health, mental instability, negative views, uncharacteristic or irregular behaviour, heaviness or even erratic heartbeat, constriction associated with throat, depression, bad decision making, inexplicable bruises, sores, etc. Like a disease it can spread, affecting the person’s mind, human body, relationships, attitudes, perform, money, marriage,

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